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Unsere Mission

VorReiter was born out of the desire to have a sustainable alternative to conventionally produced equestrian clothing. We are committed to ensuring that environmentally friendly production, taking into account all labor standards, will one day become the norm.

We riders are busy with our horses every minute. Before every purchase and every change, we consider whether it is in the interests of our beloved four-legged friends. We weigh the pros and cons of the pitch, consider which feed is best, which bridle or saddle we like and – of course – suits our horse. Meanwhile, the products we and our horses wear are bad for the environment and the people who make them. It doesn’t have to be!

From the very beginning, VorReiter had the idea that sportswear can also be better. We only use the best quality fabrics that we have selected and tested with great dedication.

We also want to make the production better. ” Made in Europe ” applies along the entire supply chain.

This includes the fabrics, the buttons and the yarn as well as the processing of these.

Our production takes place in two friendly sewing workshops in Portugal and Poland, with which we are in close contact. The employees in the sewing workshops have fixed employment contracts with regulated working hours, vacation days and a fixed salary. All things that should be taken for granted

Über uns

We offer you the opportunity to get all four color-coordinated parts for your next tournament outfit in a single shop.

You will not only find your breeches, riding vest, riding jacket, but also the matching saddle pad for your horse.

VorReiter offers you the opportunity to ride fashionably and sustainably at your next tournament or at home during training at any time. You can fully concentrate on riding while everyone else admires your outfit.